A Step By Step Guide

step 01

1. Preparation

Cleanse your eyelashes thoroughly with a non-oily cleanser to remove any make-up or natural oils.

Contact lens wearers should remove lenses at this stage.

step 02

2. Place Eye Protectors

Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly or similar under the eyes and fix eye protectors to the lash line.

step 03

3. Apply Lash Tint Developer Gel

Apply 1cm of Lash Tint Developer Gel (1) onto the mascara wand, work into the bristles. Brush through the lashes and leave on lashes for 2 minutes. Gently wipe lashes with a cotton pad and wait for a further 2 minutes.

step 04

4. Apply Activating Gel

Dip the tip of a cotton bud into the Activating Gel (2) and apply the product to the eyelashes until all lashes are coated. Wait for a final 2 minutes.

step 5

5. Final Step

Rinse off with a wet cotton pad.