Video Tutorial

Always remember to conduct a 48-hour skin sensitivity test prior to every application.

A Step By Step Guide

step 01

1. Cleanse your eyebrows

Cleanse your eyebrows thoroughly with a non-oily cleaner to remove any make-up or natural oils.

step 02

2. Mix together dye cream and developer lotion

Pierce the nozzle of the dye cream tube and squeeze about 1cm of the dye cream into the mixing bowl and add 10 small drops of the developer lotion. Take your application wand and mix these together until you get a creamy consistency and it doesn't drip off your wand.

step 03

3. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes

Close your first eye and apply the mixture to the eyebrows using the wand or brush. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. If you want a super precise look then take a cotton bud and clean up any product so that you have the shape you're looking for.

step 04

4. Leave the tint on for 1-2 minutes

Leave it on for 1-2 minutes, depending how dark you want the colour.

step 5

5. Wipe away excess product

Take a damp cotton pad and lightly wipe away the excess product.