Mastering the "High Maintenance to be Low Maintenance" Eye Trend

Mastering the "High Maintenance to Be Low Maintenance" Eye Trend with Colorsport's New Innovations

In today's busy world, we all want to look out best but we want to do it as efficiently as possible. The goal - a flawless look with minimal effort: a trend now known as "high maintenance to be low maintenance." Colorsport, your trusted brand for lash and brow tints, empowers you to embrace this trend effortlessly with the newest editions to our range letting you Prime, Definer and Perfect your lashes and brows without the need of a salon appointment.

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All You Need for Professional Results at Home

Colorsport has long been the go-to brand for anyone seeking professional-quality lash and brow tints without leaving the comfort of their home. Achieving salon-worthy results has never been easier. Now, you can experience the joy of lush lashes and well-defined brows that stay perfect all day.

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Lash Power - The Serums

To maximise the effect of our lash and brow tints, Colorsport has developed the 30-Day Power Serum, a revolutionary product designed to enhance the length and fullness of your lashes and brows. This nourishing serum promotes lash and brow growth and hair health for fuller and longer lashes and brows. Keep this beauty beside your bed and add a new habit each morning and night to see incredible results in 30 days.


Don't want to wait 30 days for Power Serum to work its magic? Conditioning Lash Serum is your new best friend. This serum not only extends the life of your lash extensions but also keeps your natural lashes in top condition so you can flutter those lashes without worry. This oil-free serum is also formulated to soothe eyelids and is safe for contact lens wearers. The Conditioning Lash Serum is best applied at night with one simple stroke and let it work its magic overnight.

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A liner that stays put, period!

No low maintenance look is complete without a crisp liner that lasts from day to night. Colorsport 24 Hour Eyeliner available in both black and brown and has a unique precision nib for flawless application. This smudge and waterproof formula ensures that your eye makeup remains impeccable throughout the day.

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Brows defined to perfection

Our Brow Tint is a firm favourite for at-home brow definition, but few people are without any gaps or thin spots in their natural brows, so enter Brow Definer in Natural Brown. This easy-to-apply precision nib pen is the perfect tool to perfect brows for a look designed to last all day.

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Keep them in place

Now that you have achieved the perfect brows, it's time to set them in place. Our Shape & Control Brow Gel tames and defines your brows with a quick-drying, flake-free, flexible hold that nourishes brows with Hyaluronic Acid as it sculps. Simply brush through brows in an upwards motion and enjoy a lifted look all day.


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