Eyebrow trends


Since becoming popular in 2018, bushy brows have taken over. After the thin brows of the 90s and 00s, the brushy brow has come to take the crown as the untamed style is one everyone is going for. Not only is it a low maintenance style, so no more need to wax, pluck and thread, it also requires little brow product to pull off. Simply fill in sparse areas lightly with your brow product of choice, and then using a brow gel or soap brush your hairs upwards to give your brows a fuller look. If you are wanting to avoid brow products completely for the ultimate natural look, use our 30 Day Brow Tint to give your brows a defined, natural and long-lasting look.


A more unusual and unique brow trend is the eyebrow slit. Not for the tame amongst us, the slit is an eye-catching trend that will definitely make you stand out against the rest. However, there are ways to try it without committing completely. If you have light or sparse brows you can use your favourite brow product to fill in your brows as you usually would, but leaving a slither clear where you want your eyebrow slit to be. If you are especially brave then take a small razor and shave off a small area in your brow. Be careful though, brow hairs can take up to a month to grow back so make sure you’re committed!


Again, not for the faint-hearted amongst us but definitely one that could be fun for a festival, Halloween or just when we’re feeling bold. Gems and glitter have become increasingly popular throughout festival season and gluing gems to your eyebrows is a way to take your make-up to the next level. There are so many colours and shapes to choose from and each style can be totally unique to you. Simply apply your gems to your brows using eyelash glue and marvel in your new-found style.


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