Eyebrow Tint: Our Step-By-Step Guide Image

What Brow Shape Suits You Best?

Eyebrows are arguably the most important feature on your face. A good brow is important and can take your entire look to the next level! However, one brow does not fit all. It is important to understand what brow shape suits your face and give you the most flattering look. Read on to find out how to take your brows from 0 to 100!

Finding out your face shape

The first step is finding out what face shape you are. This is very simple to do; just pretend you are drawing a frame around your face. The eyebrows are the top of the frame, your jaw line the bottom and the sides are formed by your cheeks. The shape of the frame is your face shape!

For a square face shape

If your face is squarer then the method is very similar to that of a rounder face, longer face shape and slimmer jaw. Again, you will give your brows more of a lifted arch and longer tail, but you will want a more angular shape. You will want to avoid round brows as they will look out of place amongst your angular features and flat brows as they will make your face look even more square.

For a rounder face shape

If your face is on the rounder side then you will not want to have rounded brows. This will make your face appear rounder and we want to make your face seem longer and that you have a slimmer jaw. To do so you will want to give your brows a more lifted arch, by brushing hairs upwards, and slightly longer tail, with either an eyebrow pencil or powder. Keep your brows soft and not too sharp or angular as this will not flatter the softer shape of your face.

For an oval face shape

If you have an oval face shape then you are one of the lucky ones! This face shape suits so many brow styles, but like all things there are exceptions to the rule. Do not give yourself an oval brow shape. Keep your arch more towards the end of the brow for a slightly more angular shape, but keep it soft as to flatter your softer face shape. 

For a heart-shaped face

With a heart-shaped face, the forehead is the widest part and the chin is the narrowest. To balance out the face you want to make the forehead appear narrower. To do so, give your brow a much softer curve and keep the ends of the brow short to full in the face. Make sure that your brows are not round as this will draw attention to the heart rape and make your face appear rounder.

For a longer face shape

With a longer face shape, you will be wanting to make your face appear shorter and wider than it really is. To achieve this look, keep the arch shallow and not too high and extend the ends of the brow. By doing so you will make your face appear shorter and wider at the temple area. Make sure that you do not add too much height to the brows as this can make your face look longer and keep them soft.