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June 2015

What eyebrow shape are you?

Can’t find your perfect eyebrow shape? Here at Colorsport, we’re dedicated to bringing you your best eyebrows yet.

Tools you’ll need:
– Tweezers
– A small hand held mirror
– A spooley brush or old mascara wand that’s been cleaned


You’ll need to position yourself in good light, because plucking your eyebrows to shape in the dark will not end up well! We find near the window, but not in direct sunlight, is a good place for natural lighting.


As the saying goes, eyebrows are sisters not twins, so don’t expect to get matching eyebrows first time you shape them but we aim to create natural brows that suit your face.

finding your eyebrow shape infographic
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First task is finding your face shape. Try holding a mirror directly in front of you to see which fits best.

Generally considered the ideal face shape, a soft angled eyebrow shape will compliment your look. Ensure arches aren’t too sharp otherwise your face shape could look too harsh.

Try aiming for a flat eyebrow shape, as the horizontal line breaks up a longer face making it look shorter. This shape is also great for anti-ageing because of the softer style.

High arches are best for round shapes, as this will make the face look longer and less rounded. Avoid low arches or curving eyebrow shapes as this creates added curves to your face.

This face shape is all about the curving! Follow a curved eyebrow style, then balance with a slight angle. This will help to balance out a strong jawline.

A rounded head with a smaller chin, try shaping with a low arch and curve to add more length to your forehead and counteract a pointy chin.

Soft and curved eyebrows suit diamond faces the best. Aim for a curved eyebrow shape, avoiding a high arch to reduce the widest part of your face, commonly the temples.


For tips on how to fill in your eyebrows click here and for shaping them click here.

What eyebrow shape are you?

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